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The instant camera goes digital with the Polaroid Socialmatic camera

Recently, Socialmatic LLC announced that they have an agreement with Polaroid to market a new-age instant camera, the Polaroid Socialmatic camera. This camera brings the old style of printing out photos directly from the camera into the digital age by allowing you to take a digital photograph, manipulate it with a variety of photo filters, and print it out (or share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) via its touch screen. The Socialmatic camera will utilize the Android operating system.

Lumu Is A Digital Light MeterThat Plugs Into Your iPhone

Meet Lumu: a digital light meter for photographers that plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack as a smaller and smarter replacement for traditional analogue light meters. It’s used in conjunction with Lumu’s app — being demoed in prototype here at hardware alley at Disrupt NY – to help photographers figure out the best camera settings for their current location.

Digital camera gives a bug's-eye view

Scientists at the University of Illinois have developed a digital camera that functions very similar to an insect's eye. The camera has 180 small lenses embedded in a curved mount, which enables it to capture high resolution panoramic photos with a continuous depth-of-field. The camera is made by inflating a flat layer of lenses into a hemispherical eye-shape, similar to eyes found in insects. This technology has a wide variety of possible applications, and could eventually be used in anything from surveillance systems to UAVs.

The top 20 Digital Photography apps

As advanced as the cameras are on the latest smartphones, they'll never produce photos as good as the ones you can take on a decent point-and-shoot.

The good news is that it doesn't matter. Thanks to the dozens of photography apps available (or hundreds, in the case of iOS and Android), you can transform even the most average-looking photos into works of art without needing to know a thing about image editing or having to go through a desktop computer.

The Brisbane times compiled a list of the top 20 digital photo apps. Try them and let us know what you think!


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